End Violence Against Sex Workers LogoDecember 17th is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and an event has been organised in Dorset on that day to support it.

It will begin at Bournemouth Library at 3.30pm, where we will hear from various guest speakers regarding their work and commitment to ending violence against sex workers.  At 5pm we will be taking to the streets to walk through Bournemouth town centre and it will end at St Paul’s hostel at approximately 6pm.

During the walk we will be handing out flyers informing the general public of our plight.  To complete the event there will be tea/coffee available at St Pauls (BCHA) hostel and a selection of cakes on offer.  The symbol of the event is a red umbrella, bring one along if you are able.

The event is being publicised via National Ugly Mugs; an organisation which aims to safeguard sex workers via the sharing of information by sex workers themselves. If you would like to make a donation to the organisation, you can do so via the website.

The Dorset event has been created to draw attention to the number of hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the world.  It has become a day when sex workers and allies in towns and cities all around the world come together and provide a visual presence to highlight issues relating to sex workers and the violence they experience.

It is also a day to remember those who have been victims and was originally created by The Sex Workers Outreach Project in the USA as a memorial and vigil for the victims of the “Green River Killer”, in Seattle, Washington.

Bournemouth Borough Council logoA primary aim of the day is to highlight the difficulties that this client group have when accessing criminal justice and support agencies.  In addition, to consider some of the hurdles experienced by these individuals when faced with the prejudice and discrimination often associated with sex work and/or addiction.

I feel this is an excellent opportunity for us workers to demonstrate that we will support our service users to take a stand against those that offend against them.  Service users who are (or have been) involved in sex work should be invited and encouraged to attend the event.  Staff members are asked to remove their work Identification for the duration of the event in order to reduce any possible/perceived divide between workers and service users.  A service user leaflet and a poster will be distributed to all relevant services shortly.

Please save the date, cascade the information and join myself and Kim Elliott, Project Worker for Dorset Working Womens Project, on the 17th. We look forward to seeing you there. (Feel free to attend for guest speakers or walk or both).

Any questions prior to the event please contact myself or Kim on 07824537346.

Kind regards,

Jo and Kim

Joanna Cain
SWRAC  (Sex Worker Risk Assessment Conference) Case Manager
Adult Social Services | Bournemouth Borough Council
Direct Line: 01202 458058 | Mobile: 07785682885 | Email:  jo.cain@bournemouth.gov.uk

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