WAND is excited to publish the Dorset Women’s Week 2019 Programme! The week runs from 2-9 March and culminates again in Dorset Women’s Day.

We have lots of fantastic events and opportunities during the week including The Live Laugh Ladies Club, Women in Business Breakfast, Women’s Workshop on The Menopause, A Wellness Walkabout and Yoga. See programme for details.

Dorset Women’s Day

Dorset Women’s Day is on on Saturday 9 March (at the Dorford Centre, Dorchester) and has a wide range of exciting workshops including an Interview with Minette Walters, cross stitch, laughter workshop, and a singing workshop to name just a few!  Following the success of last year we have the Borough Garden’s House as an additional location again which will host workshops including burlesque, belly dancing and yoga. You’ll need to book at the Dorford Centre for workshops at both locations. 

We have some brilliant performances in the main hall throughout the day, along with stalls selling a range of products and information stands. See the Programme for more details.

Our amazing catering team will be selling drinks and delicious sandwiches and cakes. We also have our Rummage Room so come and have rummage and pick up some new to you.  If you have anything you’d like to donate please bring it along on the day. And our brilliant (qualified) creche team will be offering free places to look after younger children.

A huge thank you to everyone who is giving up their time to run a workshop, perform, have a stall as well as the brilliant team behind the scenes making this a fabulous day.

Our Patron Tracey West says:

“Hey there, all you wonder- filled women of Dorset!

I run an environmental charity and over the past 12 months, I’ve become acutely aware that the issues that frequently bite women here in the UK, do the same to women in Africa: period poverty, social isolation, depression, oppression, domestic violence and more.  By uniting to share our joys, passions, creative abilities, coping mechanisms and woes, I know we can build supportive frameworks within our communities, that give us better tools to cope with the challenges we’re frequently faced with.

Please use this wonderful opportunity to come together with others to put some positive energy in the pot and take some inspirational energy out too!”

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