You may well be familiar with WAND’s three aims – Serious, Social and Supportive (read more about our aims here). To meet our Serious and Supportive aims in this time of lockdown, we have decided for 2021 to give our support to local charity the Shine Project.

Introducing the Shine Project

The Shine Project is a Bournemouth-based charity that works with teenage girls to help them build confidence and self-esteem and reduce risky behaviours. The Shine Project is delivered in schools and youth settings by a dedicated team of volunteers and professionals. During an 8-week course, girls learn a huge range of valuable lessons and skills; how to take care of themselves physically and mentally, how to connect with others, deal with strong emotions, build healthy relationships, and above all how to value themselves.  

Anne Clarkson, Lead Co-ordinator of the Shine Project, shared Shine’s vision at WAND’s public meeting on 20 January:

‘To see every young woman believe that she is valuable, has skills and talents to offer, understands her ability to make good choices and discovers the unique beauty in herself and others unencumbered by society’s preconceptions.’

Shine Project vision

Anne explained that Shine offers a preventative service; identifying girls who would benefit from the additional support, Shine is able to help students that would otherwise receive no intervention until their situation had seriously deteriorated. Worryingly, demand for Shine’s services is high and increasing. Mental health problems and poor wellbeing, already at high levels among young people, have increased during the pandemic. Shine have adapted by creating an online course that delivers much of the same important content, activities and discussion as the in-person course.  

Anne emphasised that while it is important for Shine to focus on students in the most need, the content and messages – particularly those around body image, understanding media messaging and managing social media – are vital to all young people.

We are very pleased to be supporting the Shine Project this year. We hope our support will help Shine continue their fantastic work, helping more young people reach their full potential.

Donations to Shine

We will be fundraising for the Shine Project at all our events throughout the year. Participants at our Virtual Book Clubs, listening circles, Dorset Women’s Day and other events are invited to make a donation to Shine.

The suggested donation is £3 per person per event, but you can give what you are able to. You are welcome to attend any WAND online event even if you can’t donate. You can donate at our GoFundMe page. All donations made through this page go directly to the Shine Project.

Learn more about the Shine Project

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