Our Values form the core of what we do, how we do it and why.


We base what we do on the premise that all women have strengths and that all women have the capacity to heal, grow, connect and contribute.


We work on the basis that our collective efforts can achieve greater results than any one of us working alone and that together we can tackle the ‘big’ issues that some women face.


We include everyone in our conversations without prejudice. All stories deserve to be heard.


We do not offer opinion or align ourselves to political views other than when the safety of an individual or community is at risk.


We protect the safety of everyone we work with above all else. No-one will be harmed or victimized as a result of what we do.


We prioritise our work to impact those people most in need of what we do. We use the evidence available to us to make these judgements and we are transparent about the decisions we make.