Our New Strategy sets out our new aims from January 2022

Women of Dorset are a diverse group of people with wide ranging strengths and challenges.

We are living at a time of unprecedented opportunity for Women as we begin to depart from patriarchal constructs and a legacy of inequality for many.  There continue to be many issues that Women face that must be addressed in order that everyone can thrive.

Our Mission

WAND will be a network that unites women and enables them to collaborate over common issues through their collective strengths and actions; striving to reach those most in need and reducing the gaps in inequality.

So that we all rise – together.

We will listen and we will hear Women’s stories. We will learn from their experiences and we will offer allyship to the issues that affect them.

We will honour Women by sharing their stories, by shining spotlights on their issues and by including all of them in our conversations.

We will create spaces for Women to rise – to heal if they need to, to grow if they want to and to connect in ways that benefit everyone.

We will do this together using our collective strengths and for the benefit of everyone.

Our Aims

We aim to understand Dorset Women from different angles and perspectives.

We aim to understand the Women of Dorset and the issues they face.

We aim to amplify the voices and stories of women to ensure they are heard, to inspire others and to create opportunities for us all to learn.

We aim to bring the issues of women to the attention of decision makers, game changers and influencers

We aim to be and inspire role models and leaders by honouring ourselves and prioritising our wellbeing

We aim to create networks and opportunities for Women to CONNECT

We aim to create networks and opportunities for Women to GROW

We aim to create networks and opportunities for Women to HEAL

We will be incorporating all of our previous aims into our new Strategy. Let us know what you think using our Contact page.

Below are our previous aims.

Social WAND


We recognise that women like to socialise and network but for some, especially older women moving to the area, establishing new friendships can be hard.

We have run social events, such as walks, talks, crafts and frock markets that all women can attend on their own, or with friends.

Take a look at our events page and join us on one soon.

Serious WAND


While we like having fun, we also recognise that life can be hard for many women through poverty, ill health or domestic violence and abuse.

We are members of local and national networks and organisations that lobby parliament and campaign for women’s rights. We have also organised awareness-raising events such as Reclaim the Night, as well as conferences aimed at agencies who deal with women in distress.

Supportive WAND


Women are all different; we have a unique range of life experiences and acquire diverse sets of skills along the way.

Through our network, we draw on these skills and experiences and share them at events such as Dorset Women’s Day.

You can always seek sisterly advice from our members via our Facebook and Twitter page!

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